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Statues On Fire - You Can't Tell The Reason lyrics

Warm And Cold Makes No Difference
Defence Mode , No Clear Vision
Excuses To Justify The Reason
I Can't Hold

On The Board They Decide Your Faith
Your World Doesn't Belong To You
Strings Moving Puppets
Let's War

Nothing Is True Apparently
Like Living Another Dimension
Since Humans Beings Appeared This World
Oh Nooooo
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Walking Free
I've Never Heard This Historie
Watching You Steps And Making Sure You Are Afraid
Wherever You Go

Moms Tearing Down In Tears
All Gone , Shattered In Pieces
No One Can Explain The Reason
For All This Ohhhh Nooo

Strike Back Is Not Relieve
When You Lose Most Part Of Things
Loved Ones You're Never Gonna See Again
You Can't Hold

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