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Statues On Fire - Sent You A Letter lyrics

You conquered the land
By your hands
Cut off the throats, slavery and chains
They swallowed your truth
Religious demands

Under god
You proved you were right
Sent all gold to the mother land

Years has pa**ed, you took all long
There's nothing left, it's time to go
Time has change, you are alone

They set you free
When you had nothing left
Run for your life it's knocking your door

Blood in every corner
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No place to hide
Garbage is feeding children
No shelter above your head

Lines of beauty freedom
Leads you on civil war
They can install the command
As they wish as they want

After they rapped all long
They're begging for your help
You let them with nothing, the proposed you got´em all

I'll write you a letter
and you send us a paycheck
Mothers feeding children with dust of your boots

And the answer is no of course the answer is no
How can you agree?your blame for this disgrace?

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