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SpokenReasons - Stressing lyrics

I just want to get ahead of life
And get my paper right
Momma needs a house
Baby needs some shoes
Sometimes I get worried
Don't know what I'm going to do

Man I'm straight stressing
Stressing (x4)
Man I'm straight stressing
Stressing (x3)
I keep ??? and keep it pushing

(Verse 1)
Dranking growing up
Whole world messed up
??? No manicure
Stopped putting on make up
Found out she knocked up
Friend say you f**ed up
That n***a broke
He selling dope police gone lock him up
But you gone do what you do girl
Go ahead and do your thang
Don't wanna listen to the truth cause it gone bring the pain
Conflicted with your heart will sometimes leave you estranged
Confused with false and truth
But you, yourself to blame (I know)
It's a tough road (But you)
Gotta let them burdens go
Keep a clear mind
Take your time and go with the flow (Girl you)
Can do anything
Worth more than diamond rings
Don't focus on the negative and positive ???


(Spoken Word)
She was just an angel
Looking down from god palace viewing the world from her 20/20 vision
And all she could see was people promoting violence, d** , s**, and screwed up religion
So she turned to god and said “Father, I just don't get it. How could these people live the lives they live and not walk a narrow path in your image
And God said “ Go see for yourself”
Without hesitation she quickly told god “ Remove my wings, put them on the shelf” and told god “I'll be back”
But Before God granted her wish he said “It ain't as easy as you think” and erase her memory bank
She was just an embryo
Patiently awaiting her due date in meditation
Her parents were unaware that the vibrations
From her mother frustration would translate back to the womb
What would eventually play a role in the child's future situation
She was just an infant 8 hours old with her father signature nowhere to be found
On the birth certificate
She was just a toddler
Cute little girl with fresh braids and beads in her head
Every three months waking up with a different n***a in the bed
She was just eight years old when a little boy in her third grade cla**
Whispers in her ear and said “I like you” at lunch
And being as young as she was
The language of real love from a male didn't register at the time
And her mother definitely didn't teach her at the time that boys had cooties
So she respond “I like you too” and the boy kissed her and grabbed her booty
She was just thirteen years old
Teenage girl
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Average grades
Hard working mother making constant bad mistakes with a little brother on the way
Think she grown
Walking home from school on that cell phone that her mother had provided for her safety
But little did she know that her little angel had already gotten a taste of life endemic just through what she had witnessed through the screen
Now she feen….ning
For s**
You know the rest
She was just fifteen years old
When she start tweeting “my head game is the best”
Not knowing that social media ain't nothing but a tracking device
Not knowing that she is liable for everything that she type
From the palm of her fingers
She was just sixteen
And pregnant
Similar to the Tv show but this time it was her own reality
Her own lessons with no love one support
She had no choice but to abort
She was just eighteen
When she walked that staged
Family in town with a praying grandma that couldn't wait to see her baby in a cap and gown
She was just twenty years old
A broke a** college student
Momma didn't have money to deliver
So she started partying and destroying her liver
She was just twenty-one
When she became a stripper
She said “f** it, I'm gone get this money one way or another”
She was just twenty-one
When she was just six feet under
Met a crazy brother from the strip club that had way too much to drink
Offered 300 for that a** but she didn't think twice
To pursue
She said “f** it, I'm gonna get this money and do what it do”
She was wet like water
He was hard as a rock
She said “Okay that's enough” but he didn't stop
She's dead
Once she started screaming he put the pillow over her head
God woke her soul up and called her back home
And asked” So what did you learn from your vacation”
She said “Father that wasn't a vacation, I was living in hell”
No it's called trials and tribulations
You see, it's easy for us to criticize from the outside when you're not the player in the game making it happen
But when the coach calls your name
You'll find out otherwise how many distractions are there to misguide your focus
It's highly important that we bind with great hearts and minds with the little time
We have on earth
Because nothing is gonna hurt worse than you sitting at home as an old person and saying “If only I”
It'll be too late
We're in the information age
It's right in our face
No more excuses
You shouldn't be clueless
We can Google anything
How you don't know what the truth is
But at the end
Enjoy your life
Stay true to God and think
But always remember life ain't as easy as you think
Keep it rolling


Keep ya head up girl (x2)
You can do, do anything

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