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SpokenReasons - M.O.E. lyrics

Money,Power,and Respect
Thats the true code right there
The money will get you a lot of things
That you thought will never happen
In your life, it could make the whole world
Turn around

Now the power thats just something
For me to make a lot of things
Happen with just a snap of a finger
Now the respect thats just something
To let you know you aint sh**
From to begin with..
I don't know you dude so you gotta
Pay yo dues in order for you to get through
But notice most thugs out there

They got the whole game twisted
M.O.B or M.O.E is what you see
Tatted right across their stomach
And one stands for "MONEY OVER BITCHES."
And the other stands for "MONEY OVER EVERYTHING."
But I wanna talk about the "MONEY OVER EVERYTHING."
I mean your money is over everything

Which means that your money is over God
Alright, Though im walking in the club
And dj is saying
"If You Got Over a Stack In Your Pocket
Put your hands up."
Everybody got they hands raised
Its 45 thugs in the club and
Why its only 2 thugs
That's actually throwing money
While you still got chickheads fighting over
The money like porch monkey's
Everybody is hungry, everybody wants money

But your money is over everything
Which means that your money comes first
And all the other bull sh*t comes later
So you recruited that little 17 year old boy
That can't get a job at Mcdonalds
Cause his momma working 2 jobs with 5 kids
And she can't keep the lights on for sh*t

So you gave him a couple dime bags
To start him off with ....
The next day the little boy goes to school
He made his first sell, he sold one dime bag
To the little white boy that said
"Thing aren't going so well."
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But hours later after the bell
The police confiscated all the
Drugs then took the little boy to jail
But one week later the little boy is free
But lets not forget yo quote is
So uhhh, where's the rest of the money
I gave you?
Where's the rest of the work?
Oh uhhh.... the police took it
Okay you free to go, but you dont wanna k** him
You wanna k** the one he loves the most
k**ed the mother of the 5 kids because,
Its "M.O.E."

I don't give a damn about you or your family
Y'all not nothing to me
Im gonna let these n***as know that my
Money is more valueble to me
But with me having money
Nobody can f** with me
But because I do got money
The H.O.E's wanna f** with me
But I won't throw em the dick

Because, the only one that earns my dick
Is my "M.O.E."
Oh, but it is one that can mess with you
And that's the police
Go ahead buy all the guns and other things
That you gon need because they got K-9's
And S.W.A.T teams and plus yo money
Is out numbered by the government cheese...
So get on your knees and puts your hands up
Before we pop a hundred c's in your chest
And color the gra** red from what you bled
Before the gra** was green

Now one year later you serving life sentence
You we're found guilty of the plead
You one less n***a taken out of the street
All because you call yourself Mr. "M.O.E."
"Mr. Money Over Everything."
But your family, preacher, friends and teachers
They call you "Joe," wanna know why?
Because while you was in jail
You scratched off "M.O.E," and tatted
Because you chose jail over everything.......

-Spoken Reasons

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