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SpokenReasons - Best Song Ever lyrics

Soulja, soulja Hey man its your boy Soulja Boy
This right here's called the best song ever Swag, swag
Here we go Got gasoline like propane
Bald head d'rogaine
Miami on south beath
LeBrawn James, no rang
Chillin with Lil Wayne
Star on my head
Hold up
Stop it
Look at Chris Bosch neck Woop swag woop swag
Look like an ostrich
Woop swag swag swag
Look like an ostrich
Lets get back on subject
Labels cut, the check
This song is the sh**
Woop woop, the sh** sh** make, no sense
Swag swag no sense
Swag swag no sense
Swag swag no sense
Do I have to say it again the Best Song Ever
White boy on my left, thats my n***a
Wait a minute, you can't say n***a
In school I was a slacker
Cheated off this cracker
Now I eat crackers
Do you want some snack, bruh? Swag swag swag, SOD SOD
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k** them sh**s
I'm straight
Lil B said
I'm gay
I'm gay? Swag swag swag swag swag cool with me
McDonalds ice tea
Shout out to Ice T
That is my homie
Coco got a fat a**
Rick Ross
Fat a**
Dot dot dot
SWAG SWAG Swag swag swag swag swag swag swag swag
Just a young n***a tryna get the cake
Ice on my wrist Brian pumper fake
Amber Rose
Use to chill on boats and yacths
Now your on the couch in smoke shops
Smokin that reefa
With Wiz Kalifa! You lost yo damn mind
Fell of the pony like Ginuwine
Swag swag swag swag swag swag swag swag
b**h you a nickel
You ain't a dime
I take that back
You a nine Swag

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