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Spiktakula - Big Dreamin lyrics

Big Dreamin' by: Spiktakula

[about this song]

I wrote this song sitting in my 05 Pontiac parked at a gas station on my lunch break, I always wanted to sample California Dreaming by the Mommas and Poppas but since I'm from TX I was going to make that song giving that good Cali weed some props. Thats been done to d**h so I was searching for something else and came across one of the greatest guitar players ever George Benson's guitar rendition of it and that was it. It had a whole diffrent vibe, and I hate writting cliche songs. I had been writting about alot of painful sh** I was going through for another album and was re-living those times when I heard them songs so I just went "left field" like I usually do and wrote about me dreaming of a positive world and how I wished for positive things to say in my songs

[Hook: Nas sample, "Imma big dreamer so watch me come up with something" song New York, New York. Scarface, "I often wish that I could save everyone but Imma dreamer" song Smile

[Verse 1: Spiktakula]

I'm dreamin' of realities and images
Of innocence
Never known no pain like we ignorants
And then childlike faith in God with no questions
A peaceful world without weapons
Show love to all no exceptions
No aggression and need for acceptance
No currency no presidents
No diseases no medicines
No less thans no better thans
No war that means no veterans
No police crimes or evidence
John Lennon imagined a world like this
Then he was murdered by politicians and lunatics
These images man they got me on some newer sh**
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Rhymes are therapy the biz ain't no love there
But I'd be lying if I'm acting like I don't care

Sittin' in a Pontiac
Wishin' it's a Caddilac
On my lunch break and I'm lookin' where the money at
Interviews and I'm lying in their faces
My job applications
Said I lost patience
I wanna' be home chillin' with my family
I hate takin' risks but sometimes how its gotta' be
Music don't sell but crime pay bills
I love being free so my paper still
I seen a homeless dude holding up a sign
“n***a I'm broke cus' I chose just to write rhymes, my kids starving but I got punchlines”
I drove off that's the end of my lunchtime
Back to a job where I dream about sunshine
No alarm clocks ringin' just one time
Don't know if I'm blessed
But I know I'm stressed
They laying people off kinda' hopin' I'm next

(I'm too lazy to type up verse 3 and if you have read this far, I think you should listen to the song you might like it. Thanks for reading this far tho')

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