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Spike - @LyrikthePoet #SoGoneChallenge lyrics

Race, a symptom of a disease
A distraction from what actually happening behind the scenes
And if you attack enough people that all look alike
Yeah they'll unite
On the outer appearance
And not the truth that's inside
And I'm not saying black ain't been the biggest target for some time
Yet remove ya melanin there'd be some other reason why
I don't understand how you could hear the greatest tale
Get a taste of it's truth to the point that you know it's real
And then you just up and leave
Man all beguiled by the cartel
Bigger, better, get the cheddar, vanity is yo hell
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Up well, back to the case
Why we divided in our race?
Used to fight for equal rights now it's ourselves we segregate
No new form of mental slavery how bout you elevate
Get high on this truth instead of temporary escapes
Shed some light up in this place
Man, let me open the drapes
See you look in the mirror, but you can't recognize your face
You thought a crystal was the answer to yo situation
Hanging with miseducation, your lore in heals got misdirected
Misconception got you focused on complexions
When the reality is actually spiritual
Who would've guess it

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