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Spike - @iamt3rrific #SoGoneChallenge lyrics

People treat the game of life like its Pictionary/
You draw the vision with the wrong team thats arbitrary/
Who put to many words on it like a dictionary/
And then the vision is lost, so you become a missionary/
Without a mission, because everyone wanted recognition/
Crabs in barrel when the opposition is the real competition/
Let this gladly be the cla** where you pay not tuition, but pay attention its ammunition/
The tactics is to raddle you static you to automatic you/
Mechanical, mathematical like a formula to brand you/
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Try to band together in unity but you don't practice What you do you see/
Less it's in front for them to hear or for them to peep/
Since its for a cause, see you snagged onto the wagon like u got it in the bag/
But for you it wasn't relevant until it came a hashtag/
Now you a hostage, walking round with no knowledge i ain't talking college/
Cause the system is an mirage, some y'all can't even spell the word with without spelling Collage/
Yet wats dumb to you most likely is truth for some/
(T wats 9+10)
Oh that's 21/

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