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Spike - @iamnewgen #SoGoneChallenge lyrics

Sometimes to grow you gotta change what's around you/
Cuz what's around you, you're bound to no matter how you/
Try to claim that the shallow can never drown you/
Meanwhile you up to your neck in lies that just sound true/
Now you can only prolong for so long/
What goes on, the seasons changing, better throw y'all winter coats on/
Hold on to the truth, let go of all that's so false/
So called wisdom is the sole cause for all these souls lost/
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Relationships are trending, ride the wave of this pretending/
You're faithful then wait a week and watch your bae will be unfriending/
Behavior is the outward reflection of your digestion/
You truly are what you eat, put some meat into your intestines/
In testing you truly see who you've become, where you're at/
Used to be so scared to rap, now I know Grace prepared a map/
I had to trace and pace the tempo like a slow song/
So Change the station man I been through that I'm so gone, so long/

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