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Spike - @Churchizactiive #SoGoneChallenge lyrics

Some girls that wanna sing just write like common queens/
Hard to match all the racket like you Common's ex queen/
Yet Maybe it's all love, or none of the above like Mother Teresa/
Born to serve power like an X Gene mutant/
Ex human deemed a Phoenix who can "X" Jean/
True men that show you how to live/
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If you can't take it, watch the force awaken/
But don't get played by how it seems/
The one who directs Abram's the one that directs me/
Wait a second, take the fetters off the ratchet serving racket veterans, the Feddorers/
Cuz the only bars I serve are Federal Reserved/
Still I inherit the earth, so I gotta meddle with the worse, Church/

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