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Spiers And Boden - Horn Fair lyrics

As I was a-walking one morning in Spring
So soft blew the wind through the leaves growing green
I spied a pretty fair maid all on a grey mare
As she was a-riding on down to Horn Fair

I asked this pretty fair maid for to let me ride
"Oh no, oh no, for my mummy would sigh
And besides my own daddy would beat me for sure
And never let me ride on the grey mare no more."

"I can see by your looks you're for one game of play
But you will not ride me nor my grey mare today
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You would crumple my muslin and uncurl my hair
And I shouldn't be fit to be seen when I get to Horn Fair"

"Oh no, my pretty fair maid, how can you say so?
For it is my intention Horn Fair for to go
We will join the best of company when we do get there
With horns on our heads just as fine as our hair"

They were the finest of horns that you ever did behold
The finest of horns, and all gilded with gold
And so merrily, so merrily, to Horn Fair we did go
Like jolly brisk couples and all in one row

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