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Spice - Jolly lyrics

[Intro: Spice]
This is for the real hood n***as in a bandana
Hold on, I might ful dat. We bad gurl no need a partial we too used to steel with the best genital, unique motherf**er ain't nothin normal, pootie pie lil' boy test your potential

[Verse 1: A$AP Ferg]
It's a ring
It's a ring
A little Fergenstein with a little Shabba Ranks
I train a Jamaican girl that love the Cuban links
Got ‘em wining like Lil Kim in bikini minks
No limit soldier with a bunch of little tanks
Hit him where it hurt, make a n***a feel the pain
Blood stain of what remains for two gold chains
White dude, little guns, white c**aine
Rari and Jaguar take up four lanes
Out with window like, n***a money ain't a thing
b**hes on my dick so I let the ho's swing
Put my thumb in her butt like like I'm f**ing bowling
Couple bad ho's I'll be free falling
Dont smoke now cause its too potent
[Most I do is a little codeine
Couple jolly ranchers when I'm pouring
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[Hook: Bunji Garlin](x8)
Couple jolly ranchers
Hood n***a in a bandana

[Bridge: A$AP Ferg](x4)
Out in Trinidad with a bad ho

[Verse 2: Spice]
Back it up unless I push it like a trolly
Shape like barbie dollie, big dick make me jolly
Some gal a lick the lollie and a stomp inuh the alley
But no boy can play me like a monopoly
Couple jolly ranchers, watch me do my thing
Hood n***as in a bandana wanna be my king
Madame of the club have my two hip a swing
This'll drive ya crazy, I'm a one night fling
Give it to ya once I know you're gonna reminisce
Tell me if ya like this go ahead give it a kiss
Body perfect, it's up there by the A-list
Spice, Bunji, A$AP Ferg, rock for this


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