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Spice - Jim screechie lyrics

Yow Spice weh yuh man deh?
Me wah come link you
Me can't tek di baga Jim Screechy ting enno
So what me fi do?

[Verse 1]
Tip pan yuh toe and meet me round a di back
Me and you have cheating lock
Mi man gone a work and him nah come back
And yuh gal a watch yuh hard but me no matter dat
Hold me tight and don't let me go
Wine wid me and me wine wid you
Secret love how it feel good so
Nobody nah haffie know a between me and you
Shhhhh don't meck mi neighbah dem see yuh
Jim screechy and mek me tief piece gi yuh
Don't tell nobody cah memba ah nuh fi yuh
Me know yah go love off di wine weh me gi yuh
Meet me round a di almond tree
Jump di back fence cah me neighbah pree
Me a guh mek yu fly like di bird and di bee
Gi yuh good good love mi can guarantee

Come meet mi round a di front a di yard
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Come put it pon me mek mi scream and bawl, woooiiiii
Mi man nuh deh yah a stall him a stall
Come put it pon me mek mi scream and bawl, woooiiiii

[Verse 2]
It feel good it feel good it feel good, yeah
Mi open di garage drive come up in deh
Mi know yuh have yuh gyal but mi ah tek yuh weh
Cah yuh body feel good an mi no wah yuh go weh
Mi have di haffi haffi haffi come back
Sure ah mi self put mi head pan ah block
Mi know fi wine slow ,mi know fi tick tock
Ah mad mi get mad when mi see yuh six pack
If mi put it pon di left try ketch it pan di right
Mi man can nuh badda even come back tonight
Mek wi stay inna dark try tun off di light
Put yuh arms round mi mek mi hold yuh tight
Same place mi deh an yah so mi want it
Mi really really like how you manage it
Mi like it di way yuh set and plant it
You lead, mi follow any way yuh want it


[Verse 1]

[Verse 2]

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