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Spex - Ruca lyrics

[Verse 1]
On the eastside
That's where I met my Ramona
(I never get to go out. Can you go to this party with me?)
And oh so lonely
That's what I been
That's what I been
(Here, I'm saving my number in your phone so make sure you call me.)
She said here's my telephone number, go 'head call me
(Call me, okay?)
So I did
And to a party
A house party
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Whole lotta people just rally round me and love
She send a message of love

[Verse 2]
Say, say, say, say
She moved up from Long Beach to L.A.-A-A
Pay the bills, she be booking jobs up from Model May-hay-hay
But a cool little portfolio
Shorty shol' got me hidy-hidy-high lody-lody-low, woah
Ain't really sure if I'm the only one so I acquire
Said it's a few more but it don't hold a match to my fire
? the way she move
? the way she talk
You know how she do
Waiting for my Ruca

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