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Sourze Music - Lazarus Pit lyrics

[Verse 1: Psychotic J]
Already devoured the rotten apple
Down in the rabbit hole
Sounding like a constant a**hole
Lay to rest in a hay of pa**ion
Woke up in an insane asylum
Maybe its fate, maybe its Life
Somethin' we all hold dear to, when the floors are fallin'
And the walls are closin' in
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But when time fades, even d**h may die
My minds the Lazarus pit, I let it rise!
Inflation of fire within, every step I make, burning more bright
The blight the fight, the night, turning the light on
This isn't god, this isn't Isis
This is the demon embedded behind, your eyelids
I'm the kindness indicted
The find print you signed wit, the blinded idiot
Go ahead and rewind and try to find a idiom
While I exile the lythium, Ha

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