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Soup - Clique (B3D Version) lyrics

*Verse 1, Soup*
Let me introduce you to this boss sh**, Dirty Harry, boss hog sh**! Yeah, We dumb as hell, Man drinkin' in the cockpit
Be with your main b**h, Yeah she makin' me a sammich, Singing that same sh** she'll pa** down to her grand kids
She says, "(Quotes me)Drop it to the floor, make it s**y, b**h touch you up, lick you up, girl you know whats next B"
But she sleazy, Nah, we dont f** with messy< dont even know why she text me, Askin for a free tee, Best believe she want the DICKKK (Best believe she want the dick..)

*Verse 2, Brando*
Track star on the beat
The emcee in ya cypher with most heat
Make your favorite rappers flow seem weak

Ladies scream Brando
I'm sippin on moscatto
With bad b**h on lap
Straight from Morocco

Yeah, We go them all schemin
All cuz we beamin
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It obvious, We're the only thing the girls are seeing

Ain't one to flex
But, You and your homies get checked
First mixtape out
Yeah, We got the respect

Came a long way
From writing on scraps
Now I party with the very daughters of diplomats

Wherever we at
n***as tip they snapbacks
I don't give a f** if you do rap
You ain't f**in with my - (Clique)

Verse 3, Siri*
I got two b**hes yeah I call em mismatch, black and yellow black and yellow, you ain't with that, now you can't fit that, naw you can't hit that, bring yo b**h around and you might get yo sh** snatched, the sickest n***a out, I never need a doctor, but I make a house call like Gamble and Proctor, Pick her up to drop her, I'm a show stopper, smoke a half to myself, the money feels softer, I got nice clothes and a nice chick, I got nice dough and a nice dick, a nice flow and a nice clique, I'm addicted to that nice sh**, how low will she go, I don't know I leave it up to my clique

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