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Soup - Beat Vacation(The Anthem) lyrics

[Verse 1: Soup]
Let this be the f**in anthem, alleviation from the mayhem
Cool breeze blowin, got some good change commin
Lovin before bed, lovin in the morning, recording and corking soaring higher than these earthlings
The ocean, brings back devotion, to keep my rhythmic heart in motion. To keep an ocean born flowin
Goin to see my family, no one could make em more happy, and a real b**h, weekend visits, that chicks the sh**
Strummin them heart strings, feel the drums bang in your earlobes, I bring a tear though, mac'n this flow, but don't forget the same white boy. protectin mom up in the ghetto
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But the choices you score, they worth more than the why for
Open your ears, embrace your fears, through the comming years, be strong, don't show them peers your tears
Tryina break this curse and see... beneath the earths crust and.. baby not another day of f**in hustlin, and not a care about the people who care less friend.. no rehab again, no go back to jail, I won't attend
Amazin when you realize just how wrong you were, knocking in gods front door askin for answers, your pain is heard in cypers..
Brace for the worst and answer yourself
And maybe someday, he can tell you face to face.. tryin not to contemplate, throwin it all away, too much's at stake, the beat just takes me too far away...
That's all I need, the people that's behind me, lead me to the promised land, my baby's gonna take my hand, goin on this beat vacation, Im coming home, be patient, ill rise to the occasion, finally building my OWN foundation

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