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Soundtracks - You Just Don't Know Me At All - Trish Stratus lyrics

You just don' just don't know me at all!!

Can you tell me what happened here?
Tell me how I should feel.
My life seems to be in disarray.
I feel you testing me, with all your fantasies
And you try and keep me down,
But I won't stay...cause you don't know me...

I've been through all the hell before,
I've seen it all and more.
If you think I'm gonna fade away, then you don't know me.
You think you have the upper hand; well that's not my plan.
Stronger now I see that just don't know me at all.
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You tried to manipulate, well now this is your fate.
Cause piece by piece, I'm gonna tear you down.
Can't hold the secret now. Find out what I'm about.
Did you think I'd let you have me your way, well you


Your soul is screaming...who's crying now?
Your heart is bleeding...who's sorry now!!!!!


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