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Soundtracks - How Could You Call Her Baby - Shanna lyrics

Baby, baby don't try to play me you know something's wrong
that's why I'm not talking to you, baby, baby don't even fake
it you have broke my heart and there's nothing that you can do

I tried to call you just the other day and your own sister told me
someone taking my place so you wouldn't come to the phone she
forgot to put me on hold and I can't believe what I heard, what I heard
in my very own words.

Chorus: How could you call her baby, how could she be your lady
thought you were mine, thought I was yours. How could you call her
sweetheart how come you're breaking my heart how could you be so wrong

Baby, baby hear what I'm saying I am not your fool you should see me now
as gone baby baby must think I'm crazy I will not come back I feel I have
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been to wronged don't try to call me cause I don't have the time I'll be much
much too busy hanging out with friends of mine, oh, if we meet in the streets
you should not even bother to speak cause I sitll here those words in my head
those are some words I will never forget.


Boy you owe me an apology, just don't look for forgiveness from me and I
tried my best to understand but I've done for you all that I can. If I ever see
you in the streets just forget that you ever knew me cause I still here those
words in my head those are some words I will never forget


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