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Soundtracks - Never Gonna Be The Same Again (opening Sequence) - Lori Ruso lyrics

I've been sending you letters
Telling you how I wanna be beside you
I've been going out of my mind
Trying to find a way to make you mine

Don't you think its time for you to
give me just a little bit of your attention
Time is up I've waited enough
Better be prepaired don't exspect me there

Chorus: Never gonna be the same again
Never gonna be, the same again (repeat)

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I've been dreaming about you
Or is it in dreams you do anything I want to
When I try to get closer to you
You push me away, I dont know what to say
(repeat bridge, repeat chorus)

Why can't you see whats going on with me
Your gonna wait to late to find yours...
Why can't you see whats going on?
(Repeat Chorus (2x))

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