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SoFLY - Eleanor Rigby (Extended) lyrics

Not slave to money
Not slave to ego
Don't make me superior
Makes me free, though

It don't change the game
It dissipates it
I don't hate the game
I just deflate it

You evidence the extent of your pain
By giving all your power to what you obtain
There's disaray
You don't gain from or outgrow
Your ingrained urge to call a human 'a ho'

And if it is what it is, the implication is hard
Enslaved by your rage and your Mastercard
I'm thinking y'all think everything is fantastic
Young minds raped by a product plastic

The battle bombastic and based on lack
The dung beatle feeds on this lyrical crap
I wouldn't have spat for 65 million rupees

That's why Gandhi's my favorite emcee...

I look at all the lonely people
All the lonely people...
... they all come from?
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For humankind on the mike
I'll shed light on akinesis
Atrophy of the mind
The culture/spirit seizes

It's not a trial where the trial reveals a weakness
But we adults are a child and the child remains facetious
Hear this - with Solomon in focus
Him treated like a harlequin is
Truth as hocus pocus

How many crises did it take for you to notice?
To whom you pay tax don't give a rat's if you homeless!
The onus
Think back to Moses
Do not be terrified, be whole and focused
Neither be terrorized
Those in power know this:
Panic is the keeper's key in keeping the people soul-less

We needed this when she treated this like her thesis
Don't use the game as if your brain were prosthesis
Words move worlds like psychokinesis
Via Hill, Muhammad, Tolle, Gandhi, Heron, Nas or Jesus

I look at all the lonely people
All the lonely people...
... they all come from?
... they all belong?

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