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SoFLY - Angel lyrics

[Hook: Detail]
Talk to me baby, tell me who I am
Tell my n***a I said what's up, when you get a chance
Tell my b**h I said what's up, when you get a chance
She said when can you do it, we can do it when you can
Girl I'm all about the angels
Come down from heaven, you angel
Pop that p**y every angle
I swear I love my angel, my angel

[Verse 1: Mystikal]
You might not believe me
Think that I'm trippin', but n***a I saw angel
I did, I did, that chick was thick
I mean she was off the chain
I wasn't stalkin' but couldn't stop lookin'
Like she called my name
Maybe if I get her attention
She might notice I'm fly like I'm off the plane
I'm whipping my move, you know what I mean
It ought be sacrilegious, to look like them religious jeans
Blame her mother, but don't tell her dad
His chid gotta heavenly body, but one hell of an a**

[Verse 2: Jae Millz]
Hold up, wait a minute, let me put some Millzy in it
Ain't no hands inside her body, but I bet she feel me in it
That bedroom in danger when we desoliving anger
I work her a** out so good she got rid of her trainer
Talk to me, bad b**hes they honk to me
GTV-shot non-stop now watch that p**y walk to me
f** 'em all girl, we gon' make them sweat
Our top down and it ain't even at weather yet, so


[Verse 3: Ace Hood]
Okay now do me like a favor, or do me like a chore
Or do me in your favourite red bottoms, oh Lord
I say my guardian angel, I swear her features a blessin'
She gon' learn today, I taught that p**y a lesson
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I beat that up like I just made hell
Kiss that p**y whenever don't tell
Give her that package, you got mail
When it kind of your love I'll take that L
I'm lookin' for you girl, and do sh** a molly world
I want a rotten fish, old Tuna spoil you girl

[Verse 4: Gudda Gudda]
She makes that a** clap, like a naughty girl
Introduce you to some better things I can show you girl
Lights on, but take that Prada off, I beat it like a xylophone
No phones, but I can be the one that you're calling on
Talk to me baby, walk with me baby
Then we can take a long ride in this charcoal Mercedes
I'm the boss, you my lady
You keep it wet, I go underwater swimming
I be a shark for you baby


[Verse 5: Mack Maine]
Man I got p**y from my angel, head from my angel
I spent a night in heaven, me and Elvis split a Mango
She had that aquafina mermaid wet wet
I heard the love gods hollerin' out, "Man, we got next"
Her physique is unique like the clothes from boutique
Hit that a** 'til she peak and can't speak
She got wings on that p**y, she's so f**ing fly
And everybody say she's dope, but this another high

[Verse 6: Birdman]
Talk to me baby my lady and my friend too
Notice flower bomb the scent when she breeze through
b**hes hatin' cause we sitting on top
When you walk the block the traffic stop
The 2-seater that I copped, that's for me and you
Drop the top back, your hair breezing through
I lay my stunt down proper
Top shotter, original dun dada


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