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SOC - Run (Take Me Home) lyrics


This here's so triumphant! Glory in the highest. See every day we got to press toward that prize … and that prize is the call to Christ; so that one day, we can say we fought the good fight, and we finished the race, and we kept the faith. But until then … we gotta run!

[Verse 1:SOC]

Can't stop running – I got to press toward
Through this race of life – (eternity) it's what we stress for
One foot in front of the other – step forward
Keep it all in a row – Connect Four

Because for me and you - He suffered d**h for
We count it joy to suffer, (eternity) is what we prep for
This life is music – obedience – and it's the best chord
Blessed are the poor in spirit, and less is more [Matthew 5:3]

This world or God's kingdom – can't claim both
Flying down the narrow road - Usain Bolt
This ain't a sprint fam – see it's long distance
2 Timothy (4 and 7) – yeah it's our mission (because one day)

[Hook:Marlon Van]

He's going to take me home
One day He'll take me home
And all the world rejoice; Yes all the world rejoice!
But until then – I got to make Him known
Do my part before He take me home
Until then … I got to run

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[Verse 2:SOC]

Yeah - Momma ran her race valiantly
Granddady finished his and clearly now I see
They're rejoicing with our Lord for eternity
Praise God for that – certainly!

Others on their final lap and know the bell's ringing
But they keep running – yeah they still with it
I'll be there soon enough – just got to finish mine
The Lord'll call me when home – when He say it's time

But until then … 100 miles and running
Gotta train my son – so he can run it
So I'm pushing harder - when I can hardly breathe
One step at a time (Amen) shine on me; (and I'm going to run until …)

[Hook:Marlon Van] (x2)

[Verse 3:SOC] (Bridge Verse)
And when the run gets tough – I look up to my Lord
[please] Give me perseverance – [please] help me endure
Why? Because I gotta make Him known
Do my part before fam – before He takes me home

A family reunion – yeah He's saved a plate
More than food though - my God's prepared a place
Listen close – can you hear creation groan?
But before the trumpet blow or until You take me home … I'm a run

[Hook:SOC] (x2)

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