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SOC - Game Time lyrics


So why they still eyeing me?
You'd have thought I had defied police
Don't let the subtleties bother me
Now when it comes to that Word they can't keep me quiet B

Don't try and reach. Get crossed over
Shamgod - show em the Rock how could you not notice
Watch your ankles remember like its hot folgers
Stand straight ministering to the not sober

Filled by the Spirit. Be still while He's near and
Fulfilled by His vision. Ain't playing kinda business
Until I rest, I'm a ride in peace - shalom
And when I fall short I keep keeping on

His grace sufficient. Thank you Abba
Maury Povich - Thank God, I am not the Father
So watch me praise dance. Watch these raised hands
Came from the front lines to daytime like I'm Strahan


One Step in front of the other so let's go
One foot in front of the other so let's roll
One Name in front of the others we got to let 'em know
It's game time its time to let the message go


Keep it moving when they pa**ing by
See we either stop or go - call it traffic light
No indecision on this narrow road its all green
That's why I write with letters with conviction Paul breeds
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Over bars stinking like it's raw cheese
Always on the ball - Spaulding
And Wilson too - cast away when spitting truth
No milk - this is meat with the written food

His Word still healing more than some chicken soup
World have us trippin' - Smokey in the chicken coup
Like friday - On this all day
Across the globe in good hands - all state

Ain't nothing new out here - Solomon he said it best
We know the enemies playbook - Bellicheck
With His Spirit we strong, naw we never rest
That's why we share and love our brothas - shout to Everett, YEAH



I hear their whip game, is lookin rather vicious
A priority for us? cash, cars, and fashion isn't
So what's your interest? Spreading light like I had a prism
Tell the Good News like Dan Rather did it

Epic proportions here - more than cataclysmic
Exploding His kingdom across this earth like an atom splittin'
Emphatic fission now ain't that an image
Like Acts - I see as clear as if I had a vision

Miracles they beyond probable - no statisticians
World needs one since Adam did it
Tell 'em about what the Second Adam finished
Commissioned to shout - the God man has risen


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