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Soak - 24 Windowed House lyrics

I am afraid of sleep
From depth of heavy heart to my heavy feet
The voice of smoke from a warm throat
And there's a 24 windowed house and it's not for me

She's fast asleep
Unaware of what's to happen underneath her feet
I'm waiting for the morning light
To shine through her transparent eyes

I know, I just don't know her
When she discovers what he did with her
She will walk from the throne destroying a home
And come running back to me
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I'm not sure if I can stay
If my heart has found a place to lie down
She's so far away
Still praying she brings herself back to stay

I'll bring her heaven even if I'm stuck in hell
It's a story I cannot bear to tell
You gotta leave
Things it seems will be

Even if it's k**ing me [Oh oh oh oh]
From depth of heart to my heavy feet
A denied transparent deed
Slipped beneath what you've achieved

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