So&So - Take Over lyrics

Hoes on my top like a Tupi, 'cuz i've got so much fruit cake
You're the devil, let the oozi studder, Bobby Buche
And yeah im a trip, so don't let me forget my suitcase
You wouldn't get the picture if you were thirsty for some Kool Aid
That you made. Or bought it from a market
Flow so sick like I just pressed record and started barfing
Yeah im higher than a martian, you rappers need to park it
Im steady making tracks, muddy shoes on a carpet
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Ugh, that's how we do it in Dowagiac
I'm them trees like leaves now let me fall back
You're girl too nuts but she won't get up off my ball sack
You can have her bra back but tell that girl don't call back
But you bad 'baby', STEWY
I've been ballin, ever since I thought they (girls) had the cooties
The guns is getting drawn when you ni**as start actin looney
I ain't a pirate but I love a nice chest with booty

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