So&So - Ima Do My Thang lyrics

Yeah(uh) Reporting to you live from the top of the world, Im So&So, and I rap
Plenty J's is getting twisted, We bout to just get lifted, Your girl is lookin tempted, send her back and now she limpin, and i thought that i should mention, im a yellow boy bart simpson. They like the way i rap so all the b***hes call me gifted, like christmas, but the honeys come in bunches, all i make is hits and you rappers are just buntin, pockets lookin broke and ya dollars need some crutches, f**k all them ni**as im feelin like uncle rutcus. (ahhh)
Chorus: I dont care what these haters say (no,no,no) Im Still just gonna do my thing (yes,yes,yes,yes)
Yeah Ima Do My Thang, either way you can't stop me. Ima Do My Thang, all these haters tryna jock me
Ima Do My Thaaaaaang, you can't stop me. And all you haters, man just keep jockin
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Yeah Ima Do My Thang (8x's)
Verse: Pockets so heavy so my pants just stay saggin, Eatin rappers on the track, got em 50 yard dashin, on the road to success and i dont ever plan on crashin, Ima do my thang and spit that fire like a dragon, Im snappin, stride gum flow, it's ever lasting, you chicks better duck, cuz it is on a quackin, You slackin, im rappin. I'll punch you in the side burn. Life's a scary movie, yall ni**as ain't eatin, MY GERMS!
Im just takin shots and headin straight to the bank. Im so hot, dog, like ball park franks (ahhh)
Rappers comin at me, it's a gift wrap. Put you little boys to sleep, call that sh*t kidnap, Im spittin heat, somebody give me a tic tac. You know my songs gonna bump like a six pack. yeah, i've got my options and i guess its time to pitch back, give me a break, im bout to snap like a kit kat

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