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SMP - Blackjack lyrics

You can tell me how to act
But I ain't going out like that
You can tell me what to do
But this system rejected the fuse
'Cause I'm a two-ton truck, barreling down your road
Fuel injected hazardous cargo
I am kina hard to find and kinda hard to stop
I am a jack-knife, baby, and I'm blowing up

Everytime you roll the dice
It comes up seven and you lose on the line
Some people think they can control me
But they cracked up fatal over three thousand feet
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I am a Fugazi broadcast communique
The war is over but the landmines remain
Manipulation of a sacred trust
I am a live wire cross and I'll burn you up

9.0, the Richter scale, 9.0
Some walk away from me, they live to tell the tale
But I'll be with you everyday
Hiding in your shadow, waiting to escape
So I can leap out blind and snap your neck on the street
Or push you into the arms of the police
You wanna know why the best swimmers always drown?
'Cause I'm a blackjack, honey, and I'll put you down

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