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SMP - Corporate Culture lyrics

Corporate culture produces vultures
Dine on 401Ks to minimum wages
Producing waste just to sell it back to 'em
Politic right through 'em I'll show you how to do 'em
screw 'em
You got a product. It's faulty? Don't bag it.
Repackage and remarket to another demographic
The poorer the better, least common denominator
The fastest growing market is a sure fire target
Yo, least informed most conformed addict
If it wasn't for the profits this sh** would be tragic
We got the media to give you a taste
Because every program is a product placed
With precision, cut labor like incisions
Gone overseas, or sweatshops, to prisons
Now we're looking at America not just a teenage
Cuz we got 30-somethings on the lam
That's corporate culture
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Now some say that money isn't everything
Put 'em up against the walls, and hang their brains
It's like the Handmaid's Tale but it's much worse
Caught in the epicenter of my power burst
You wanna step to this table and speak for your own
We can't hear your tiny voice from the midst of the
dead zone
Your bite don't harm, we swing nuclear arms
Hang your Cruciform over chicken farms
So let that sh** settle and stay in your ghetto
Join the army or drug peddle we don't care
It doesn't matter to us, you're just like cattle to us
So give your laugher a puff and prole shut the f** up
We making money hand over fist no risk
You feeling spider-woman's kiss? Now tell us how that
Living under power structures like a ton of bricks on
your back
Do all it takes to survive

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