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Slimkat78 - Without A Clue lyrics

Without A Clue - Lyrics
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(Verse: yU)
I luv my people, I do
Proud, look at us now, all that we've been through
But some of us are still (without a clue) so who are you?
We argue over what stars do, and they confused as you
We doin' well, but (I gotta tell)
A lotta folks disguised, their lives, look at their outta shell
They so (without a clue) mighty and look down at you
But the same source of their light, it is found in you
We all born and we gone, no fountain of youth
So while I'm here, treat my peers like what I = you
Even with (-out a clue) I am wiff, to get, to searchin'
From then and there I found an itch
Didn't have a pot to piss, and fo' real, said this story (I gotta tell)
Now how does it feel to have to stretch a five dolla bill?
Ya prolly (without a clue) now what you know about
Movin' house to house to house and sleepin' on the couch
And I doubt that I'll forget, ups and downs, man, I'm as proud as I can get
Embellishment, man, that some powerful sh*
And whether with or without, I keep my head high
And pay attention to them signs just to stay alive
Takin' the bread line, back seat, chillin' if you ask me
Listen to that Zach's beats, that's me
If you are (without a clue) I'mma let you know
Fill em in from beginning to end, the course go go

(Hook x3)
Life is wild, we like to jive
Acting like we don't even know
So I write this down cuz I have found
My destination, not even known
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(Verse 2: yU)
Now where am I goin'? Question is mind blowin'
Askin' myself even with wealth, like am I growin'?
I'm feelin' (without a c-) clue, findin' out just how to move
Y'all played a fool sometimes, tryna defy the rules
You cool as hell till you fail and (I gotta tell)
Somebody helpin', that's when you find you're all by yourself
Lost and (without a clue) get a plan, not a broom
When you down ? tracks, we surroundin' you
Head trigger snaps soon as you take a nap
You wadn't ready for that and take a ten steps back
But still, I ain't (without a cl-) clue no more
Go on doin' more to get ya goin'
That's baits, so get yo fishin' on
Dreams? I listen to em, fo' them I get informed
H on the door, takin' more steps forward
When you're on course to be (without a)
Clue? That's how you get it off
See, this a cold world and you'll end up covered in frost
Freezin' without reason, people switch like the seasons
That's why we jumps they trusts, I don't believe em
I thought I was (without a c-) clue, but really I'm not
Quite aware, think of past that you consider is top
Took a lot of time watchin' to expand all our options
Spendin' non-stop, resumin' all the world through my lens
To those (without a clue) I'mma let ya know
You'll attain yo goals as soon as you think soul's a joke

Life is wild, we like to jive
Acting like we don't even know
So I write this down cuz I have found
My destination, not even known

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