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Slimkat78 - FAR lyrics

[Verse 1]
Far reaching, always seeking for that uniqueness
They make it seem like hopes lost, I'on believe 'em
Remember freedom like a old friend that moved away
Now a days, everything is (?)
They afraid of our expansion
With words in the river, my holding hands, and
Glancing at each other, romancing, slow dancing
Hip hopped up in the ship, dipped, lifted off, and landed
Give the planet the peace sign, pa**ing
Fly, I'm in the sky, zig zagging around the pa**
They dragging an old wagon, I'm tagging a space craft
In school I learned j**els, my friends would hate math
But Mike? I was the type to elaborate, and break down what I knew
Soon as I came across the talent I grew
Limit myself, now that is something I would try to not do
I hung with brothers who helped discover something brand new
This life is (?), still remaining like the name of the crew
78er's just for you, brand new

To single out a star, out of the sky so large
Would be a greater loss, this universe is ours
To single out a star, would be a greater loss
This universe is ours, and as long as this comes from a place
In which we all somehow relate, we're going FAR
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[Verse 2 - yU]
Looking in, looking out
Write a book, with a (?)
Maybe I, one day
Will fulfill, my faith
I relate, to all of ya'll
Through song, I give it all
5'9, kinda short
But I know I, (?)
Get into it, get involved
Slimkat is, on the bars
Nodding so melodic, Erin Harden holding down the chorus
Love is what we're born out of
Things we doing for a dollar
I look up to sun, so what makes you think you're hotter
You funny, money motivated people
No such thing as greater, 'cuz for real we all are equal
That's unless you listening to, what opportunist teach you
I am tryna live, they reverse it on that evil
Peeping all the signs, man I see 'em all the time
Everybody on their grind, warm hearted mankind
That's an old frame of mind, need to bring that back
We spread a little bit of love, and then maybe perhaps


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