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Slim Jesus - On The Block lyrics

Ay ay, gang gang gang!

[Full verse]
b**h I'm on the block, I got my tool on me
Cause I got all this money, and this j**elry on me
My mob is no b**h, ain't no fool in me
And if you talking to the cops, you ain't cool with me
This hoe wanna be my wife, but I ain't cuffing sh**
Tell that b**h eat eat, she can s** a dick
And tell that f**boy talking sh**, he can eat a clip
All them guns on IG, but he ain't bout sh**

f** all the Twitter beef, I don't sneak diss
I'll show up at on his porch with that .45
Have him running out the back like a lil b**h
Shooting in the window, now his bro hit
If you hanging with the opps, you an opp too
And when shots get fired, you get shot too
Haters wanna sneak diss, 'til we come through
Run up on his a**, show him what that mob do

I keep my nine tucked right behind that Fendi
And all I really want is them blue Benjies
On the block, all day, and I'm drinking Henny
And if a goofey want smoke, then we got plenty
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Reaching for my chain, shoot him in his neck
Big 30, in this 40, make him [?] two step
Yelling "f** you, and your gang", you don't get respect
Made me call a k**a [?], hit you with that Tech
And if you scared to catch a case, you can't hang with us
Bang with us, gang with us, got them thangs with us
If the opps pull up, we'll rearrange in them
Fully loaded .30 clips, and we bang in them

I know the rules of the game, I can't cuff a thot
I hit the box two times, 'til it kick rocks
Pa** her a** to the gang, and I hit the block
'Til I got a couple bands tucked in my rocks
Real savages, I'm still with my day-ones
In the same streets, where they tote guns
Gotta keep a strap, can't come without one
If he catch me lacking, stomp him in my A1's
Run up on us wrong, and we up in Glocks
Knock your head off your shoulders with that red dot
Gun shot, gun shot, now the block hot
But we still outside, yelling "f** the cops"

Gang gang gang, y'all know what the f** we coming
[?] Sweet
Run up on the gang, you going to sleep in the street, b**h

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