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Slim Jesus - Off The iPhone (DJ Booth Freestyle) lyrics

Reading off the iPhone too, cuz f** y'all
I don't freestyle
Buh, buh, buh
Let's get it

b**h I come through flexing, flex back and that Tech spit
100 grand on my necklace, and I ain't even rocking a necklace
Fifty shots in my Mac clip, that's 50 shots till that b**h click
Shoot 'em right at your cracked lips, make your whole squad do a backflip
Man everywhere I go, I hear my sh** bumping
You ain't heard of me? f** boy you stunting
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Run up on me, bet we get to dumping
And if my Glock jam, my gang dump it
Drill sh** you ain't bout that, big bands you can't count that
I'm sipping lean with loud pack, told me to freestyle so I spit crack
Drill Time done blew up, I'mma have to make a part 2
Part 1 got all these rappers mad, cuz all you b**hes is fufu
Get on the track, talking drill sh**, then say that's what you really do
In that case, I'm finna pull up, and I say that sh** cuz it sound cool

Let's get it!
TheSlimJesus, Twitter, Instagram, all that
Let's get it!

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