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Slim Jesus - Minute Maid Lemonade lyrics

Gang, gang, gang, gang
Slim Jesus in the cut
You this beat live as f**
Shout out Gucci
Blam, blam

Minute Maid lemonade, what I'm pouring up today
Yellow diamonds shining, my ear look like some lemonade
I done f**ed around and blew up like a hand grenade
Now everything I do end up in headlines on the front page
I've gotten used to being rich so I ain't never going back
So if rap fails today then I'ma go and cop me a pack
Break it down, sell it off, and I'ma get it right back
And if I catch you with the check then best believe I'm running that
And if the Ops catch me lacking, I ain't going like no b**h
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So if you run up on me, you gon' eat a full clip
Broke boy said he coming to my show, ain't pulled up to sh**
He prolly just mad cause I got the clout and I could f** his b**h
Speaking of f**ing b**hes, I been doing that a lot
Finesse the f** out the rap game and still ain't got caught
So I'm just posted up stacking my money and pulling these thots
And if anybody tryna stop me, I got a forty with a mop
I found out everything I need in my life is the same color green
That's right, I be just getting money and smoking weed
Cause all I had back then was a dollar and a dream
Now I done f**ed the game up and pa**ed that b**h to my team

Ayy, young and ignorant
2015 b**h
Free Guwop
Everyday is 10/17 til they free big Gucci

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