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Slim Jesus - Dream$ lyrics

[Produced by MiiiKXY]

I just scored a 8th so you know I gotta pour up
I smell like designer, your man throw like throw up
Put me on your song, that lil b**h gon' blow up
Every time I do a feature, my prices they go up
Hundred band jug, put 50 on my wrist
Take the other 50 and make that b**h flip
He ain't on his job, I can take his b**h
That hoe got that bomb like a terrorist
Freshest it's on the scene, these hoes wanna know us
She wanna smoke my weed, she told me to roll up
I said give me top, she said I need to grow up
b**h I got them bands, I told her to glo up
Pistol on my hip, [?] on my waist
f**boy talking sh**, pistol in his face
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These b**hes say they love me, I keep a poker face
You say that you high but I'm in outer space
When I'm at the top I ain't finna switch
First I cop the drop then I scoop your b**h
Rubberband junky, I love hitting licks
Keep that straight drop, your plug hit or miss
I pull up in foriegns, b**h your car on E
You ain't got no money, but boy don't talk to me
What I'm smoking on, that's that sour D
You say that's your girl, why she on top of me?
Rubberband gang, I keep that knot on me
b**h it's [?] not no [?]
I am not a stain, ain't no robbing me
32 shots, I keep that Glock on me
Purple in my cup, yeah I'm sipping lean
He thought he was savage til he seen that beam
I was on the block posted with my team
We was looking bummy, now we living dreams

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