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Slim Jesus - Channel 12 lyrics

[Produced by Mute Beatz]

[Intro Skit]

Shooters popping out the roof
[?] 32
Boom shots, put your family on the news
Run up on me you gon' lose
I spent your check up on some shoes
You think you flexing, you a goof
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I drop a 4, you drop a deuce
On my momma you's a hoe
[?] we kicking door [?]
Say you gon' rob me, I can't go
I hold that 40, let it blow
You say with the sh**s, boy he a stank
f**boy stay up in your lane
I took his b**h cause he a lame
I told his b**h to give me brain
f** the takes and f** a jail (f** 12)
I got the money, pay the bail (Bands, bands)
He a rat, he gon' tell (Snitch b**h)
Put his a** on channel 12 (On the news, b**h)

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