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Skip - Here lyrics

I tap my head like i got cardiacarrest
I correst, the sh** i digest my heads a mess
Dont give me that sa**, you can kiss my a**
So much money i can't keep up with the math
Hash i diliver, cash so clever, celebrate with a bottle to the liver
A blunt infesting caflar, my body filled like a river, cruise like a fiesta, sky flyer
Oh no, shes a cryer i catch these b**hes like im mike myers
Sigh an smoke another reefer, sorry i had to leave ya
But you can do better, im just a rapper an player
Atleast you came closer than my ex on that poster
Ill post it and post pone that, zone out cause i can
Shat on the rap im Dan, damn man dont go to ham
Why?! you think ill rap about my Dad or mam
Unleash the sh** to my fam and fans
Crap, think i already done that
So ill lift my hat and bow to the crowd
Listen to the rappers they howl as i hold the crown
They think there wolves, but they too slow like a 97 volvo
Im not cruel, youre no wolf but a little pup whos trying to woof
Cough cough, the crowd shouting off off off
Laugh as they runs back to their mums loft unemployable
On stage shooting lara croft syllables
After party mouth drool, leaning over the pool with a joint and bottle
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My face lost that colour when i sold my soul to keep it all
Keep it cool and play the track lyrical masterfull
Imagine my picture in the fame hall yo
That should show people we werent in the same boat
Every morn, grab my coat go to school another low life hoe
Most pick and bullie, all these f**ing wallies
Whip out my winky, give ya a wink an set these people straight f**ing junkies
Unpeel like a monkey, feel the music a rapper is what i wonna appeal for
Sure, you can snore while im on the snare and at you ill stare
You think i care, i dont even wonna know you worship jessica alba or flo rider
This is skipper, rap from my lips and share what i discover
And if your a lover maybe we can share the disc cover
A CD abulm, hit singles and my first hummer
Sum come, girl cum, beats drum another sound run while i hum
Youra bum chum, cause i hanged round a best mate im a cunt
For time long realising these people were wrong,my true mates gone
They know who they are, as i write hard in the song
If i see you, ill rage like king kong, bounce your mouth off buildings
Throw you off a tower, suffocate you with my powder as im powering up
Words filled with frustrate, they all grew up like a late age
I accelerate without touching the brake, no limits when i bake
Break you like a b**h, levertate my hate and open the gates
Great, im through and these sh**heads are shook shake
Man up for hells sake its time to wake

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