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Skip - Cannon lyrics

Howdy do motherf**as, it's Weezy Baby
n***as b**hin' and I gotta tote the (Cannon)
Listen close, I got duct tape and rope
I leave you missing like the f**ing O'bannons
One hand on my money, one hand on my buddy
That's the AK-47, make his neighborhood love me
Bullets like birds, you can hear them b**hes humming
Don't make that bird sh**, he got a weak stomach
n***as know I'm sick, I don't spit, I vomit, got it?
One egg short of the omelet
Simon says: "shoot a n***a in his thigh and leg"
And tell him "catch up" like mayonnaise
I'm the sickest n***a doing it, bet that baby
These other n***as dope, I'm wet crack baby
Yes, get back, get back boy, this a setback
Clumsy a** n***as slip and fall in to a d**h trap
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Them boys p**y, born without a backbone
And if you strapped we can trade like the Dow Jones
Wet em up, I hope he got his towel on
I aim at the moon and get my howl on
Some n***as cry wolf, I'm on that dry kush
And when it come to that paper I stack books
You heard what I said
I can put you on your feet or put some money on ya head
Life ain't cheap, you better off dead if you can't pay the fee
Shout out my n***a Fee
See every motherf**a at the door don't get a key
You're outside looking in, so tell me what you see
It's about money, it's bigger than me
I tell my homies: "don't k** him, bring the n***a to me"
Yeah, don't miss, you f**ing with the hitman
Kidnap a n***a, make him feel like a kid again

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