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Skip - Bed Rock (Asian Remix) lyrics

It was back when, we was in the stone age
I was just a no-name, who clearly had no game
She was beautiful and had me suicidal
And so I was too entitled to my grave like mr. cobain
It's never easy to be with my nefertiti
But when she come out her tomb, tell her she better see me
And I'll tell her I'm way more than what her ex got
Cuz I'm just like bamm-bamm, I could really make her bedrock

Ok I get it lemme think I see ya hips talk
Maybe its time to put this penis on ya lip gloss
Got that a** bumpin girl I raise ya booty levels
Gotchu grubbin on my crumpets like they was some fruity pebbles
Everytime I go down theyll be no sound but you moaning
Takin ova yo spot late at night CONAN
You know im Traphik if youre comin I will not stop
Til I explode all in ya mouth- pop rocks!


(Tommy C (from IBU))
I thought I had it all, until you came along
If I'm not with you I'mma need you on the telephone
Just the sound of your voice gets me all sprung
And when I do get a taste girl I'm so gone
Let's get it started, no ifs, ands, or buts about it
The way you move makes a grown man act retarded
Screen's flashin' lights, camera, action
We can make a movie called 24 hours of pa**ion

(Lil Crazed)
I said now shorty heres some info, baby I'm a nympho
I make it hot like volcanoes but I dont use flint stones
Give u that kimbo, that break backs like limbo
Try to test me so I gave her number 2 like pencils
Swag in the bag that keep her wanting
I act how I brag and the way I'm flaunting
She like that cockiness, so I please her properish
Its so obvious, she want me to demolish it
Osama bin Laden, often I'm just gon get to bombin' it

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I only tell her once, I do not send again
And I can make her turn the matress to a water bed
Show her A live time, when im gone shes feels left for dead
I call her my girl of the week, so she just calls us a newly wed
She know she wanna bang, so I pull out the pistol
We form a perfect picture, we got the megapixels
I wear no contacts, to see its you and I
So sign this contract, put ya heart on that dotted line

Miss lady want a man. she say im suitable
Her jeans are bootyful, she so damn beautiful
She got that good brain. she on my honor roll
I give it to her raw just like a sushi roll
I blow her p**y up yea ima bomber
She say that im her king, so I get honor
I made her bed rock just like a concert
She like my energy, p**y monster


Babygirl they call me philly and I can make it happen
I can tell you really want it by the way I feel you graspin
And im really bad you can call me Michael Jackson
I'mma be on top of you something like a fraction
Babygirl im bam bam, gonna make your bedrock
Put a grandslam on that body you can call me redsocks
Yeah I know you tight like dreadlocks, get that dome like im in a headlock
Baby girl i'll call you Wilma, ill show you how Fred rocks!

Faded off the ground, leanin on patron
Tunnel vision on her like my peripherals are gone
So listen baby now I can make your bedrock
Play the right cards and i'll be all up in your wet spot
Climbin up your mountain til I reach the tip top
We fly, our destination is my room, next stop
Tryna land my big plane down on your little strip
Service good? leave a tip. in the morning, leave the crib

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