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Skeleton Key - King Know It All lyrics

When the truth comes out
No man can spit
The way he can
Curled up snout
And a monkey's brains
With a reptile's glands
And his eyes grow thin
As another gem
Forms in his mouth
He pulls the pin
Lets it fly
From its puckered spout

-And king know it all
-Doesn't know
-He's about to fall

And the truth gets hung
On the hairy eye
And the crooked neck
He flaps his gums
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And he clears his throat
Like he clears the deck
And he rounds up words
In a nervous ring
Where they push and shove
And drop like birds
When the ripcord's pulled
From up above

-And king know it all
-Doesn't know
-He's about to fall

So everybody get your raincoats
His humidifier's stuck on ten
And I swear there's gonna be a downpour
The man is on his throne again (x3)

-And king know it all
-Doesn't know
-He's about to fall

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