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Skeamz - Intro sh** lyrics

All i ever wantes was a kilo
Haha shoutout Rozay, Fat Trel, all MMG, Shoutout Future
Shoutout Mike Will Made It

Chaos on my left arm right arm havoc
Take from my pocket bet it be tragic
Yo b**h ride a n***a fast no traffic
Tool and a knife when a n***a on Savage
Blunt still wet kush on deck like check
No ba** in your threats disrespect
b**h your rep don't protect yo neck, perfect dialect go hard erect
Pause, I ain't even start yet
When Skeamz drop sh** n***as calling bomb threats
Crush n***as under me like a T-rex
And the crush to strong it be on the Bowflex
See through hoes no x-ray specs, Kendrick I'm next, rap pa** my first Rolex
I'm fly insect, dive in just hold my breath she way too wet n***a
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Expect my money correct n***a
Her a** out that b**h in debt n***a
Straight maniac put the V on the map
Book hoes when i mac sweet say it wit your chest n***a
Cause Phily a beast, my teeth be rippin through beats like an audio feast
And the track was deceased so at least call just call up a priest to deliver a speech sike
As usually, dance at your funeral
Just make musical, all white is suitable
Square like a cubical, your mind is juvenile
Lame is delusional, steal her she beautiful
You act I'm director, collect the Collector dismember like Hannibal Lector
Bomb like I'm Sektor, I'm sick I infect her, she bad I arrest her, then Lethal inject her
The sh** come out ya mouth b**h
n***a you ain't bout sh**
Your b**h is gonna bounce quick
When bank accounts is countless
Polo Lauren Ralph fit
Horses like dirty south flicks
You on dat Mickey Mouse snitch
My black cats gonna pounce b**h

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