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Skeamz - I'm The Plug (Freestyle) lyrics

Well connected, get it in, it gives me power like plugs
That's your boo you thought it was, when I'm around its all love
Don't know the stash of a thug, won't find gold if she dug
On you and find a bug, you can really take these slugs
Not eating from my grub you take some old me a dub
That competition my drug, too wet fuck in the tub
Don't sip nigga we chug, that mean shit in my mug
Breakup couples like nugs, bet i take your hoe wit a hug Nigga
Show her something new know what it do rolling up doobs
Don't play games wit you noobs, you niggas in it to lose
Japanese ohh rap to you in a haikus
Feds peruse, watch my moves, vandal dance school
Hey officer just killin beats
I keep the verbal heat to burn the streets
My Furnace stay on fleek
Dive right in the sheets and eat your niece
Like she's a Reese's piece, no tricks get treats
I killed them cheeks, no grim I reap, cousin of sleep
No habla es to pigs 'cause if I did
I bet you'd ask me where i live
Tell the judge a fib, burn what bridge
It Is just what it is, you square i'm off the grid, don't keep in 100
Your baby's in my crib
Bad kid to finesse adult but shit it ain't my fault
I keep a bitch like Salt, she plan out my assaults
Killing rappers off like a cult, imported you sip malt
I'm my dick she poll volt
I nut then lightning bolt
Blow sess float to my nest were my chicks rest
Possessed, hope its Moses, with some new text
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Oh yes, flow is grotesque, you can protest
Had no breath left, over finesse
Feds put the sirens on I'm cuttin' on the median
Hungry bitch feedin them, ain't vegan put my meat in them
Pussies like to season them, hustle stack the gs and then
Laugh right to the bank i guess I'm some type of comedian
My clique i stay out weeding them
Her twitter I'm tweeting from
Real bitches needing one
Here us 'fore we even come
Could be from the chopper drum
Or my Honda speakers son
Fordson road my religion
The block is old, but we is young
You don't know shit bout me, but you finna doubt me
Count me in, I'm hunting like a bounty
My kush always shouting
Your hood staying on that Drought 3, dry it's full of Bounty
Announcing fuck this county
My girl got problems pronouncing
Spit gasoline I'm dowsing
Leave her round me she crouching
That ass subwoffer mountains
I puke a match go Dhalsim
Quick to remix admit, yes Sir Mix-a-Lot
I Aims a little higher tryna miss the top
Finago just fly parachute and drop
You opp this my i don't fuck with you walk
What's up Doc if it's 'bout money we can talk
Try to adapt, I was born in the dark

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