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Skeamz - Hot n***a (Skeamz Mix) lyrics

No playin bout to catch a body n***a
And I don't gotta use a shotty n***a
I got these Nikes you get kicked just like karate n***a
Trail of blood from the roof down to lobby
Track drop n***a, get props n***a
You's not n***a, you flop n***a
Spit rocks n***a, tongue hot n***a
You chalked n***a, hopscotch n***a
My block n***a, mad cops n***a
Best watch n***a, we plot n***a
Gimmie me what you got n***a
That top is my spot n***a
Do it look like I'm playing, no delay I'm aiming
We ain't built the same man, you Bane I'm Bruce Wayning
Get wet like it's raining, I crept when I came in
Your t-shirt I'm staining, then dash call me Damon
The stickiest dro, thinking of flipping my flow, bet you ain't getting it though
Like my pick of the hoes, see me ripping they clothes, get wet they drip on they toes
Sick and I know, this you can't get from the store, for me the sh** for the low
If you ain't my bros, the price is finna to grow, so gimmie all of ya dough
Like who the f** you, what you finna do?
Assemble your crew, and bring em all through
I'll murder dem too, light an L when you lose
And selling ya shoes, a felon with dues
I'm tellin you dudes, you swelling and bruised
If you welling and choose, to make sudden moves
I detonate, evacuate
If you late get baked, evaporate
The earth break if aggravated
You push me b**h get levitated
Cool hate and unrating
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I don't do great admiration
Go f** yourself like masterbation
Hop off my dick this is your station
Race the track you n***as braking
Play it backwards hearing Satan
You faking good luck style taking
So hot dog call me Nathan
Subwoofer way her a** is shaking
Pop hot like twats or cookin bacon
Go out shooting nina dating
Sleep on me the beast awakens
And come straight from VA
But all my Shmurdas stay BK
No leeway for a snitch anywhere you go
Oh that's your hoe got the a** bout a week ago
I n***a need to breathe so I'm speaking slow
Need some molly and some weed call me CEO
Finago on some sh** you ain't seen before
If you ain't bout that life you 6 feet below
Lunatic wilder than your clique don't you forgot
Improving sh** I ripped up the script I'm to legit
We mobbing b**h no mall you gon strip hand me your fit
Have your family dressed in something gothic I'm Hot Topic
Chop up your mid section now your spleen failing
Flow in your direction leave you cremated
Shawty be so wet I think that we sailing
When you gonna get to say that we made it
Blood money share it with who's related
Leader of the game ain't no debating
Acid wash the blunt so that we faded
Cancel your plans, deactivated

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