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Skeamz - Hate Sleeping Alone lyrics

Verse 1
Look these bitches ain't the same, wait these bitches all the same
Think these hoes is all insane, So I go inspect their brain
Only trusting Maryjane, I Roll up when I spit game
White girl fine I don't mean cain, You be Catwoman I'm Bane
Bout to take over Gotham, these thots yes I got dem
I stay spittin dem toxins, beat the pussy up I box em
Gon make the pussy pop dame, for a chains wit big rocks mane
Lames just want the fame, love me or what I got damn
I Skeam and these fakes scam, the scene fingerprints ran
Cops said it's your hand, Glock got you in a jam
Fuck dat my heat clean, belt buckle for my jeans
2 weapons inside these, both bust if you try squeeze
We lusting the fine cheese, my heart makes the time freeze, she's so appetizing
Eyes red fuck the Visine, your pool girl I'm diving, tatt my name that's just advertising, damn

Gang, SN Gang Finna go
Yea we always gonna fuck doe, on your front door pour a Patrón
Real niggas know better, All deez hoes wanna players
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Imma switch the playbook, Look

Verse 2
Her song's Loyal too proud, real pimps don't make a sound
She wearing wedding gown, His best man she'll go down
Say they just best friends, I know he got less ends
Practicing Sex Ed, kill split legs and Bic pens
Who's wetter this hoe or my flow
I spit that inferno, wit shits yes mean plural
Need cream ask Euro, Ain't gassed up hit turbo
Bad bitch who thorough, been round the right boroughs
Might go out NY, candy for my eyes
Know New York girls' stay high, connects out the Westside
But talk like from Bed Stuy, snitch plot your death bye
Clear! Now you revived, feeding tube you live by
Evil don't speak see or hear it, make runway clearance, my level ain't near this
Material girl appearance, she got drive don't steer it, hoes scared of commitment I'm fearless, Damn

Gang SN gang Finna go, bet I'm not the only one
Playing Russian roulette full clip, don't think a loyal bitch exist but this one wants the dick, target I'm gonna hit

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