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Skeamz - Gotta Type lyrics

Yeah I gotta type
n***as testing me she's on the roof and gonna snipe
She roll my swishers right, stewardess upon my flight
That p**y real tight and we do it every night
I said yeah i gotta type
She put her make-up on and her gloves before she fight
She never aim at me just the n***as in our way
Predator today and that p**y is my prey
Lord knows that i don't play
Cook the beef up something like a gammaray
Dragon that you can't slay, spit fire with what I say
Kickin sh** everyday, think I'm in the Lin Kuel
She KO'd but OK
Get your beauty rest write this rhyme while you lay
No mind games from bae, and she never M.I.A
Independent she can pay, make the sign for MJ
Don't need my bankroll, hands on her ankles
Don't rock the same clothes, p**y a bangel
Far from basic, she ride and race it
Give dope dick she still wanna lace it
She can take it, no longer vacant
She like p**y, kiss me i taste it
Test me i'll ace it, time can't waste it
When we cut she wanna to tape it
Counting my work out, push weight for a work out
She never curk out, f** what you heard bout
Love me in her mouth, clean when I go south
She on the pill and still bring dem perks out
Almost pa**ed out, shawty one my side
When it's do or die, she let the lambas fly
Between him and god
Never snitch if there's homicide
Between her thighs where I go inside
I Olympic dive, Then we coincide
Cum after she arrive
I'm a bird who fly call me Mordecai
Tell her say goodnite to the bad guy
She a Slip n' Slide that i Pulverize
Hop off my dick she calling 5s
I'm a pimp she ride, so I'm modified
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This b**h is a different breed
You ain't never seen what's up in them jeans
Supreme taste like whip cream
And roleplays when she gets mean
Blow trees when we kissing
And throw it back if she hits me
Let's Tour world like some gypsies
And like to twerk when she tipsy
This b**h teach me new moves
Have an attitude when there's a blue moon
That p**y like a whirlpool
And that brain game like a typhoon
Black with racks Imma Raccoon
Sing on my hook you on iTunes
We going on a trip soon
Not to Cancun like did shrooms
You could be my baby moms
See this going somewhere like TomToms
On my team with palm palms
Hot kitchen cooking that Wonton
Eye Candy so I Life Saver
Come through now and later
A star player I won't trade her
Make sweat at her equator
Skywalker gave her lightsaber
Call me daddy like Darth Vader
Brought me cookies you a neighbor
My missle had to invade her
After war we signed a treaty
On her a** like graffiti
Get the itis when I'm done eating
Keep competing for some reason
Not one treson
Just bun beating she conceding
We gun squeezing
It's cum season matched uneven
k**ed the p**y ain't done grieving
Resurrect her ain't done pleasing
Finish her just completing
She soak the bed then I'm leaving

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