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Skeamz - Cuz I Can lyrics

Sometimes i want reverb, sometimes i want kilos
Sometimes i be Neo, sometimes i be Nino
Rewind me like Tevo, won't play me ain't Vevo
Dream in dreams though, libido
Mixed with steelo
Its skeamz hoe, you already know
Its Finago, from 70
3 where we grow, she buggin wow, enjoy the show, theatrical
Makeup sex from breakup texts
Can wait what's next, no cape on neck, damsel distress, watch me finesse, your paint on dress, I see you blessed
Play games and imma make progress
You chit chat them, my fair madam, I cause spasms
You can't fathom split atoms for orgasms
While she grabbing this wood cabin, get brain tap in
This thug passion, love my fashion, feelings catching
Drop them like its hot oh, know nigga macho
I'm zoning off a lot so, I'm here but really not though
Get guap I'm muy guapo
Feel like I'm el chapo
Life is a Monopo- ly game
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Bitch it my roll, think it be the endo
Fuck you in the friendzone
Is this all pretend no, real till I'm 6 low
My talk shit flow, feel a lil schizo, Hungry like a hippo
Pussy quenching the thirst, unwrapping its a Starburst
Leave your lips in a hearse
Be my gift and a curse
I be spittin the work
When I go to church
I Spit my own bible verse
And hope god listening first
Cause i be getting dessert
I be getting dessert
Ice Cream and sherbert
Cake is under her skirt
I be lit wit the purp
Outfits on bezerk
Throw the dick know it hurts
She does it to your heart worst
But i be geting dessert

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