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Skeamz - Chapter 41 lyrics

Chapter 41
Spit fine c**aine razr blade tongue, read between the lines
Instead of snorting them up wit dollars signs
Addict or trapper n***a choose a side
Grind like a rail b**h I'm out for mine, Biggie said dont get high on your supply
This is not a lie, if you sell loud by the dime
Spark a L wit my n***as just to fly
This dont gotta be justified by the system
I just always diss em, cause they on a mission
Take our black brothers and sisters lock them up forget dem
See feds like chips I'm dipping
Never catch me slipping
On ice rinks move wit precision
Beat's neck I'm grippin
d**h by submission, so you better listen
Didn't have a chance to tapout, go in the booth cause blackouts
Throw a stack out, cause I'm flatout, don't you bad mouth a great musician
Young kid spittin magic keep psychics for supervision
Young rap messiah has risen, judges have made a decision
It's Second Nature to you haters, p**y wet had to drop anchors
My heart moves like glaciers, n***as with no game rapers
Betty Crocker my dope baker. Ain't a D-boy gonna take her
Ain't sh** sweet n***a Imma jaw breaker
You should ask Ed Edd and Eddy
Cut hoes like sharpened machetes
The bars I got talkin plenty
Till that sh** pay for a new Bently
Havin money tree shade dreams
I remember vaguely still made Skeamz
It's amazing, purple hazing
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Cause I smoke n***as who talkin sh**
Don't get the lines to this hit n***a pa** the spliff
In rotation you was fifth
Cause you ain't throw in on this
Silly b**h what you forget
You hit cigarettes chewing Nicorette
If she flexibal wit dem ligaments
Imma hit her, lick her with no regrets
Have a lil kid illegitimate
Off the liquor I'm still diligent
Rock camo ammo militant
Feelin it spit slugs k**in it
Mind and track merged, ask her, Imma absurd bastard
When I wax her, she said hit it from the back slow I hit it faster, you know how it goes
But I digress, tryna be the best
Touch success like a smooth finesse
Tryna fool the rest
Literally drop j**els it's ludicrous
You ain't bout it make no sense
You just talk money nonsense
For this gwop beyond obsessed
Got the mind state of a lunatic
Shoot a Mac 10 in lieu of Tec
Like a cameraman on a movie set
Meditate while doin it, I'm enlightening my f**in buddah kit
Tryna reach nirvana in vaginas of primandonas
My motivation's the commas, got me grove back like a emperor who a llama
Imma a charmer, turn the booth into a suana
Get on a dope track, that would be my honor, tryna slap box, I'm E Honda
Don't get dem f** boys call em Kwanzaa
Ponder how this money clean I londered, Doc this song is a goner

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