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Skeamz - Brand New Outro lyrics

Brand New Outro
p**y n***as so fake boy
She got fake tits she a straight toy
Play wit her till she breaks boy
Then fish for more cause I bait coy
I control her (controller) stick make joy
Trap blow jobs so she employed
Sprite and lean call it Pink Floyd
Loud annoys its on steroids
I'm girping my cock, open doors I picking the lock, money talk it say tick and it tock
And yo b**h on jock, need her fix like she hitting the rock, deep end my dick fell off the dock
Amaretto Ciroc, fill my cup to the tippity top, bet I guzzle don't leave a drop
I'm the sh** and you not, run my town like I'm dipping from cops, And I shine like a trillion watts
So you n***as just watch
How Phily be swaggin, my Levis be saggin
We race I be dragging, spit fire a dragon
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Beat I'm toe tagging, I'm live and you lagging
The kush we be bagging, these facts I ain't bragging
My b**h's tail wagging
I'm just a monster in woods at the cabin
Cutting yo b**h wit my sword I be stabbing
Haters who broke talkin sh** I ain't
Having Dat f** sh** no more, smite you down like the lord and your brains hit the floor, oh lord
And the kush out the drawer is loud dat you couldn't ignore get high like never before
Nightmares I was poor, had to murder the rich and adored blood money was covered in gore
Hold up like a store, my trigger finger getting sore b**h we going to war
In fact just right after the aftermath me on dis track
Do this sh** so relaxed wit my craft and this rap sh** I had to relapse
Like a s** addict rip her in half
Blow the thrax till my lungs'll collapse
And the wrap was just turned into ash, runnin sh** call me The Flash
I out for the cash, can't see me I'm wearing a mask, this murder and won't be last


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