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Skeamz - Ain't Worried Bout Nothin lyrics

Ain't worried bout nuthin

Skeamz Shoutout Bad B oy Bronx

Verse 1
Shoutout my n***a French, I'm in the game you on dat bench
Dat new money be my stench, my shooters in the trench keep tools dat wrench
Get your top, screwed quick a n***a do's this a nuisance
I'm like, who this she wet like cruise ships might bruise clits
She like, ooww sh** you like a pool stick boy cool it
Got dat j**el dick dat make her drool quick dat fool sh**
Can make a school wit how I just train girls I flame hurl
Get referrals cause she bad welcome to Finago's world
Spit cause my saliva hot and y'all are not its just the block
41 up top, ya corn I'll pop and give yo a** a Blanka shock
Ass gon drop call her bad stock, hate the cops just like I'm Pac
Money talks ventriloquist I need my props dats f**in gwop
In the kitchen wit some pots smell what I'm cookin like The Rock
Swear dat it was f**in crack, Too sharp my teeth thumb tacks. And

Ain't worried bout nuthin n***a I ain't worried bout nuthin
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Verse 2
Boom dis flow I resume my crew Legion of doom
I presume twisted like typhoons dis booth gone need more room
Loony Tune dust my shoulders dude I sweep it with a broom
Wolf full moon, wedding k** the groom eat the bride with a spoon
What you think I'm just striaght, and I'll quick point out a fake
When you shoot you throwing blanks, symbol of whats in your bank
I'm roll dank b**h Phily when I crank sh**
I drank Cris the beat in anguish cause it was vanquished
Burn mics I'm sharp like steak knifes win like Silva fights
Hoes like Facebook when I write gum and hard pipe
Yea boy's bright shine like sunlight I might f** your sight
Can't see me no gla**es 3D like how her bras be
I'm ballin like Charles Barkley sick I be sneezing
She needs D dat be her vaccine when she climaxing and

Ain't worried bout nuthin n***a I ain't worried bout nuthin

Second nature gang b**h Catch up

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