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Skeamz - 64 Bar Statement lyrics

This is my 64 Bar Statement
My place in the game ain't vacant
Kids try to send their CVs
To the top spot but I always misplace 'em
I say things direct and blatant
I do not do IN-DI-Rs
But the kids who diss that are sh**
They often find that Chips, I par
Chips, I par - yeah, Chips, I par
That's three times for those hard of hearing
That keep on sending and sending
But ain't clocked that Jahmaal's hardly caring
They're pissed cause they're hardly tearing
And they ain't in the top three youth
But besides my, myself and I
Hold on, the top three's who?!
I swear down, I must annoy these youths
With all these subliminal statements
But I level with stars, they're stuck on the pavement
Looking for a grime scene placement
I'm skinny but bars are heavyweight
And you know the flow's '07 plate
And gyal dem are rating me highly
So I don't mind if boys forever hate
The speed that I work's forever rate
Aka the grind don't stop
Me I got four promos and three mixtapes
That explains why I'm on top
Forget names, it's Chippy that's hot
Out of these divs, yeah Chippy's on top
And I say what I want when I want to
Yeah I think I'm the best, blud - what?!
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One can be better than Chippy, there's not
Cause I'm the Harry Potter of grime
Make a boy hype when I k** him with lines
Done him with rhymes, I'm fully on grime
Like 2, 3 and 5, yeah Chippy is prime
Far from a crackhead, but sick with lines
Keepin' it sho', [?]
Give it two years and you will see I
On top of the scene with a beat and a mic
Then like Ironik I'll be so nice
Ps with a loyal wifey on my side
To keep me when on the road from grime
But way up the road in grime
Young, yeah, but I'm still losing time
But I placed my aqua on my hip bone
Just to ensure that time's on my side
Dun know, say it's Chippy, it's tight when I rhyme
I can run rings 'round any MC
I'm C but I put the G in grime
If I get signed I will stick to grime
And help out the youts that's stuck on the grind
I won't do a Kano or Dizzee
Leave my friends in the ends, are you dizzy?
Shalo and Hits gotta stay with me
From day it's been them who've been with me
We progress as a team, test us in your dreams
Are you drunk, on d** or sickly?
My team are the best of pickneys
We're right at the top of the compa**
So it's right that we top other artists
That's 64 bars of statements
Dun'kno the bars been f**ed from I started

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